László Bödő


I have been sporting since I was five and I have started with swimming, until I became National Champion in my age group. I have started to wrestling when I was fifteen and shortly after that I have met the boxing. There I have earned silver at the adolescent championship. Years after that the roadside bicycling followed the palette (I am traveling on bicycle to everywhere nowadays too) Along with these I have became an arm wrestling national champion.

I have earned the boxing trainer certification of the University of Semmelweis at Budapest, and the Fight trainer and Personal trainer certifications at Pécs.

You will meet me at the stamina improving and at the fight sport lessons at the course.

Oktató képe: 
Bödő László

Personal Trainer

Személyi edzői emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam


Fitness-wellness Instructor

Fitnesz oktató emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam


Sporttrainer (box/kick-box)

Küzdősport oktató emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam