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Welcome in the Online Sport Academy (O.S.A.). we are so happy, you chosen our academy to raising your knowledges higher.
O.S.A. is a school for sport and fitness trainer. We created to provide the best educations with best teachers.
The three higher level educations (Fitness instructor, Group exercise instructor, Personal trainer),are built on each other step by step and 132 hours together. The shorter courses just 2 days with 16-20 hours and built on the three highers.
We hope see you again in one of our courses.

Head Instructors

Csilla Bödő

Head manager of O.S.A., European- and  3x Worldchampion, PE teacher, kick-box trainer, TRX-Jump-aerobic-Indoor cycling Instructor.

Fitness Instructor

Know the machines used. Repairing the incorrect movements. Help to guests navigations in the world of sport equipments.
Help for Personal trainers work.


  • basic anatomy
  • machine to used
  • psychology
  • good  posture e.t.c.

Group exercise instructor

The aerobic lessons are the based all lessons in a fitness life. Group exercise lessons with rythm of fantastic music, what are bullt muscles, condition, coordination, good for soul and mind too. Work with basic sport equipments.


  • lessons plan
  • gymnastic, choerography
  • training theory
  • sporthistory

Personal Trainer

The PT do it the most extensive work today. The PT is a versatile Instructor In Fitness-Wellness gym, hotels, sportclub, spa centers etc. The PT is instructing groupexercise classes and do it 1 to 1 lessons too.


  • training theory
  • anatomy
  • sportpedagogy, psychology
  • fitness testing
  • nutrition

Indoor cycling

Everybody know to ride bicycle and like it. But sometime because the weather we not to go out. Then we go to Indoor cycling studio. Put the fantastic cycling feeling to your gym and give the best lessons for your guests. Indoor cycling is good for fat burning, to be stronger, good for healthy, for mind and soul.


  • communication
  • history of indoor cycling
  • technical architecture
  • music for exercise

Kick-box aerobic

The kick-box technics mix with the best body form exercises! Kicking and punching are very good for fat burning, to built body, good for muscles, for streching and so good for self defense. With Intresting muscle. I think nobody say: no!


  • kick-box technics
  • aerobix exercises
  • sporthistory
  • lessons and music planning

Circuit training

Several equipments or our own body-weight can be used to keep a circuit training class.
There are more stations with various exercises which can be suitable for everyone, doesn’t matter the age, the gender or the physical fitness.

Power Jump

We are increasing our stamina and burn fat with small-size trampolines.
It is a kind of joyful class which can get us back into the childhood years.

Kid fitness

In the XXI. century the childrens are obessed, not like sports or hyperactive or they have scollosis. Not like to get up from computer etc. The parents so tired from this problem. Kid fitness is a mix lessons with funny equipments: little trambulin, little weights, balls, fit-balls, competitive games.


  • preschool, school material movement
  • psychology, pedagogy
  • communication
  • play theory, lessons plan

Lifestyle and nutrition consultant

Help for people, planning their life for health. Not just with sporttraining, Important the nutrition, the faith, harmony with the micro and macro environment. The lifestyle and nutrition consulter work in wellness hotels, hospital, bigger gym, schools etc.


  • psychology
  • nutrition consulting
  • nutrition supplements
  • diet



Personal Trainer

Személyi edzői emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam


Fitness-wellness Instructor

Fitnesz oktató emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam


Sporttrainer (box/kick-box)

Küzdősport oktató emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam