Kid Fitness

Next course: 22-23/04/2023.

Int he XXI. century the children are obeses, not like sport’s or hyperactiv or they have scoliosis. Not like to get up from computer etc. The parents so tired from this problems. Kid fitness is a mix lessons with funny equimpents: little trambulin, little weights, balls, fit-balls, competitive games.


  • preschool, school material movement
  • psychology, pedagogy
  • communication
  • play theory, lessons plan

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Personal Trainer

Személyi edzői emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam


Fitness-wellness Instructor

Fitnesz oktató emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam


Sporttrainer (box/kick-box)

Küzdősport oktató emelt szintű (OKJ) tanfolyam